Jun - 2018

Adobe announces Project Rush, a cross-device video editing application

Adobe announces Project Rush

Adobe just announced ‘Project Rush’ !!! An All In One Cross-Platform Video Editing App !

Edit your videos straight from your mobile, pad, or any device, anywhere, anytime !

Share your projects accross your different devices and more !

Adobe announces Project Rush
Adobe announces Project Rush

Empowers you to work anywhere

You’re capturing with your phone and doing some editing there, but you like to work on your laptop sometimes too, and it’s tough to find one tool that works across your devices. Project Rush is available on mobile and desktop, and your work automatically syncs to the cloud, so you can start on your phone or tablet and seamlessly move to your laptop for further editing. Rush has all the same features on mobile and desktop, allowing you to work wherever you want without losing creative flexibility.

Adobe announces Project Rush
Adobe Project Rush Mobile Version

 Helps you work “all-in-one”

Remember all those tools you’re using? Our goal is to make it so you only need one. Shoot right into Project Rush with the same level of control as the capture apps you use today. Quickly edit, add filters, optimize audio, and select from a wide variety of highly customizable titles (we call them Motion Graphics templates at Adobe). Then add a thumbnail, schedule your post, and publish to multiple social platforms with one click — all without ever leaving Rush.

Makes your videos look and sound great

Adobe has a long history of creating products for professional video editors, and they’ve taken everything we’ve learned and reimagined it in Rush. This includes color correction that’s powered by Premiere Pro, like filters and more advanced color editing, so you can easily get the exact look you’re after. We also know how quickly bad sound can mess up even the most perfect video — but working with audio can be a challenge. Rush leverages Audition to auto-detect the audio in your videos, so you can duck with one click, and offers easy ways to improve sound quality and reduce background noise.


Gives you (tons) of flexibility with titles

Tired on those old, inflexible title templates. Adobe Stock is integrated right into Rush, where you’ll have access to a constant stream of new, free Motion Graphics templates. All of the Motion Graphics templates in Rush were designed and animated especially for creators by Premiere Pro and After Effects artists — and you can customize them to your heart’s desire.

Adobe announces Project Rush
Adobe Project Rush Tab Version

Keeps the focus on social

Every social platform is important, and they all have unique considerations. Publishing the same video to multiple platforms often means making a unique version for each one, and that takes a lot of time. As we continue to build Rush, we’re focused on making it easier to create versions of your videos that are optimized for the different social platforms that you’re publishing to today.


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